Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A case study on Erectile Dysfunction, how to treat ED in a long term way

There are so many reasons why Erectile Dysfunction ED may occur, when we are taking particular medications they tend to have side effects which leads to ED, But for more than 75% of men there more complex reasons why ED happens. ED appears as a result of vascular disease, neurological disease, diabetes, or prostate-related treatments or surgeries.

Exist two general categories that trigger erectile dysfunctions: physiological and physical. Lately was made a case study where data was collected from 800 random males, aged 25 - 80 years old. They Sexual desire was assessed using standard questions that showed interested in having sexual intercourse with another person. ED was also assessed using a Scoring system and researches did they study by taking these factors as: height, blood tension, handgrip strength, body fat age, education martial status, occupation and smoking.

Every subject had to follow some tips by our specialist for the all time that Case study would last. And the tips we gave them where those:

Eat Well:
Having a healthy rich diet by consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish and a little meat can really decrease ED. Chronic deficiency in B12 can affect positively in erectile dysfunction.  There are some people who struggle to absorb B12, but if you can maintain daily multivitamins and fortified foods make a huge difference.

Keep Walking
Based in our studies, shows that if you keeping walking for about 30 minutes will help you with more than 40% drop risk in ED. Some middle-age men with ED tend to lose their sexual performance and based in our research that shows, practicing daily exercise can help them restoring their sexual performance.

Check your vascular health.
Problem like high blood pressure, high triglycerides and high cholesterol can damage arteries in the heart causing Heart attach and in your brain can also cause stroke, and in genital area can lead also to ED. So basically having a low levels of HDL cholesterol and expanding waistline can affect positively in ED. In order to check your vascular system we recommend contacting your doctor to find more.

Size matters, stay slim.

Of course that a man with 42 inch waist is 45 % more likely to have ED comparing to another person with 23 inch waist. So like we said and we keep saying that having a healthy weight and maintain that weight is a better strategy to stay way from ED and can help fighting ED also. Obesity raises risk for vascular and diabetes disease and as we know these two disease are knows to be the biggest factor which cause ED.

There are some other methods to fight ED and to cure it , an example of these methods is by buying generic pills like kamagra or other pills, but you must know that this is not a long term treatment , this is only for fast results but not for long results.

We must understand that as we get older there are some natural things we just can’t change. And the propose of this research is to give you a message. So do not get a prescription but try to exercise get rid of fat and work on the depression, try to be positive. By doing following the above tips you will benefit from them real changed not only in the aspect of ED but it will have an impact even in you day to day living and your life.

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