Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 Fruits that Increase Sex drive - Boost Sex Drive and Deal with Impotence naturally

Eating Fruits to Increase your Sex drive

There are many different kinds of foods you can try to assist increase your sex drive and fight impotence, and most of the fruits that help to increase your libido will consist of high levels of particular vitamins on minerals which may help to enhance hormone levels, boost nitric oxide levels or increase your testosterone.

So to obtain straight into it the first fruit to increase your sex drive is ...


Figs are also extremely efficient at increasing libido in both males and females and its primarily due to the high levels of amino acids discovered in figs. Amino acids play an essential role in typical sexual function and will assist increase levels of nitric oxide in the body.

The fig is stated to increase sexual endurance along with having rather a sexual appearance, flavour and odor to highten all our senses to improve our mood and let our sex drive's rise from there rest.


Avocado's are also excellent for our sex drive and not being your common fruit is tends to get overlooked a fair bit. The Avocado includes high levels of folic acid to help metabolize proteins offering you an energy increase.

Avocado includes good levels of vitamin B6 which assist you to combat tension and give you the energy to keep going as well as aid with the production of testosterone. They are also known to benefit a ladies's libido due to the high potassium material.


The pomegranate is probably among the most well known fruits for increasing your libido. During a study into the benefits of pomegranate on reducing blood presure and reducing the the danger of cardiovascular disease. Researchers discovered that drinking pomegranate juice can really enhance libido.

A variety of couples were provided pomegranate juice to consume then asked to carry out some sexual activities and couples who consumed the pomegranate juice showed raised levels of sexual interest.

The primary reason factor pomegranate is so reliable is that it assists the body to produce (NO) or nitric oxide which assists to open up blood vessels and enhance to blood flow which is great news for the libido.

You can consume pomegranate or consume the juice, the juice is more powerful however the fruit can also be very pleasurable to consume and its think about quite an exotic fruit to show your partner (specifically cooled with some shaved ice:-RRB-).
More Fruits

Mmm Fruits


The banana is an excellent way to start your day (banana diet plan craze) and it will assist to boost your libido with the bromelain enzyme it consists of. It has one of the greatest levels of potassium to assist control energy levels along with B vitamins.


How about a date to fight those low energy levels and lack of sex drive, they are loaded with amino acids for sexual stamina as well as a great dose of fruity sugars making them sweet and a fantastic pickup.

Give them a go if its been a while since you have actually had one, they are juicy succulent and really addictive.

Alternative Ways
Another way to increase you sex drive and have a healthy sex life is by using kamagra uk which is well known generic drug used in many countries , especially in UK and europe, there are some online pharmacies that offer kamagra fast delivery with reasonable prices also.

But we suggest you to use the naturally tips that we listed above since they are healthy and different aspect you don;t need any prescriptions.


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